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The Spectacular Spider-Man is a Non Marvel Animated Universe series and one of the latest animated versions of Spider-Man. The show is targeted at both young, new viewers, as well as an older, more sophisticated audience that enjoyed the other previous series. As of June 2008, twenty-six total episodes are set to air.


Like Spider-Man, The Spectacular Spider-Man follows the adventures of Peter Parker as he deals with his social life while being a costumed superhero. However, unlike the Marvel Animated Universe version this Peter Parker is still in high school. The show deals with typical teenage angst while the MAU version dealt more with early adulthood problems.

The series will use the comics' storylines but condensed to include the classic storylines and characters.

Season two came out in March 2009. Then after a few months Sony announced that they will end The Spectacular Spider-man series and create a new series called Ultimate Spider-Man. That is on a third season.

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